1972 Buick Estate Wagon, Most-Expensive American Wagons of 1972

At $4678, the Buick Estate is only the 3rd-most-expensive wagon available in 1972.

We recently shared a blog post honoring the five most expensive cars of 1972. For folks with the budget, all five would have made fine rides back in the day. But, what if you couldn’t get by with a sedan, much less a huge coupe? What if your familial commitments meant committing to a vehicle with some extra space aft of the rear seats, or even another row or seats?


Consumer Guide: Auto Test ’72

Turns out you could spend some serious coin on wagons back in 1972, too. Here we present the five most expensive, and presumably luxurious, American station wagons of 1972. Note all prices quoted below are as reported in Consumer Guide: Auto Test 1972, and and for models with the 3rd-row seat.

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Most-Expensive American Wagons of 1972


Chrysler Town & Country: $4938

1972 Chrysler Town & Country

1972 Chrysler Town & Country


Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser: $4784

1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser


Dodge Monaco Wagon: $4699

1972 Dodge Monaco Wagon

1972 Dodge Monaco Wagon


Buick Estate Wagon: $4678

1972 Buick Estate Wagon

1972 Buick Estate Wagon


Pontiac Grand Safari: $4663

1972 Pontiac Grand Safari

1972 Pontiac Grand Safari


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