5 Funny Car Ads

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Funny Car Ads

Are these funny car ads? Humor is a very personal thing. What’s funny to one guy may prove utterly banal to another. That said, certain elements of our editorial team found these auto ads especially amusing. Let’s see what you think.

Note: A number of this adverts are foreign market spots, which may make them more or less amusing, depending on your perspective. If you’ve seen a funny car ad recently, tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below the last ad. And, we’re just asking, is the second BMW ad actually funny, or just creepy?

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1) Audi and BMW Play Chess

Funny Car Ads


2) Saw It at the Mall and Couldn’t Resist

Funny Car Ads


3) Quintuple Your Fun

Funny Car Ads

Garmin C.A.R.E.S. Makes Dealing With Panhandlers Less Icky


4) I Love You More Than My Wife

Funny Car Ads


5) World’s Meanest Mom

Funny Car Ads

Is It Just Us, or Do a Lot of Cars Look Like Stormtroopers These Days?

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