1983 Ford Thunderbird

1983 Ford Thunderbird

I graduated from high school in 1983. The third year of President Ronald Reagan’s first term was pretty good to me—I spent the summer working full time at a service station, I starting taking classes at a local junior college, and I spent a considerable amount of time looking at, reading about, and talking about cars.

I remember every one of the print ads seen here, and well recall the buzz surrounding the all-new Ford Thunderbird. The new ‘Birds were slow to show up at the service station, but I saw them on the road—and was more fascinated than actually infatuated. (I wasn’t quite ready for the aero look.) Instead, things like turbocharged Volvos were more my thing, much like the one in the ad below.

To celebrate 1983, I have amassed ten classic print ads—and one TV spot—for your consideration. If you remember spending time with any of the vehicles seen here, please tell us about it. The place to leave comments is down below.

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10 Classic Ads From 1983

Buick Riviera

1983 Buick Riviera Ad

1983 Buick Riviera Ad


Buick Skyhawk

1983 Buick Skyhawk

1983 Buick Skyhawk Ad


Dodge/Plymouth Vista

1983 Dodge/Plymouth Vista Ad

1983 Dodge/Plymouth Vista Ad


Ford Thunderbird

1983 Ford Thunderbird Ad

1983 Ford Thunderbird Ad


GMC Jimmy and S-15 Jimmy

GMC Jimmy Ad

1983 GMC Jimmy and S-15 Jimmy Ad

Model-Year Madness! 10 Classic Ads From 1982


Mercury Marquis

1983 Mercury Marquis

1983 Mercury Marquis Ad


Mercury Grand Marquis

1983 Mercury Gand Marquis

1983 Mercury Grand Marquis Ad


Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

1983 Oldsmobile 98 Ad

1983 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Ad


Subaru GL-10

1983 Subaru GL-10

1983 Subaru GL-10 Ad


Volvo Turbo

Volvo Turbo Ad

1983 Volvo Turbo Ad

Model-Year Madness! 10 More Classic Ads From 1982

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