1976 Dodge Dart

1976 Dodge Dart

It has been 37 years since Dodge last sold a car called Dart in the U.S., but that streak just came to an end. Replacing the unloved Caliber is the 2013 Dart, a Fiat-inspired compact that will go considerable distance toward providing Dodge dealers with credible competition for the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Kia Forte, and about a half dozen other cars in the segment.

And while the 1976 Dart and the 2013 Dart seemingly have little in common, it’s worth noting that though decades apart, they occupy the same place in Dodge’s lineup. Both cars are “compacts” by contemporary definition, and both cars were meant to anchor the brand’s lineup. Additionally, both Darts ended up being the most fuel-efficient offering in their respective lineups.

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Sadly, the new Dart isn’t available with vinyl bench seats or push-out vent windows, but that’s the price we pay for progress. Both Darts are, however, roomy for the class and relatively affordable. Below we’ve compiled a fun comparison of the two cars. Note that while the cars are obviously very different, they are also surprisingly similar by some measures. Enjoy.

Dodge Dart Specs


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2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart

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