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By now you know the drill. We provide you with five abstract images from auto brochure covers, and you try to figure out what vehicles these snippets are from.  This time we’re looking at European cars of the Sixties. Every vehicle here is a regular production model and was widely available for purchase in countries you’ve heard of.

If you missed it, please give the Canadian Auto Brochure Power Quiz a shot.

Again, don’t scroll down past the last quiz image until you’re ready to see the answers. Good luck!


Ford Abstract

Quiz Image #2


Neckar Abstract

Quiz Image #3


Cresta Abstract

Quiz Image #4


saab abstract

Quiz Image #5


Stop! Scroll down only when you’re ready to see the complete brochure covers.














1960 Saab 96



1961 Ford Anglia Estate Car



1962 Neckar Jagst 770 Riviera



1968 Vauxhall Cresta



1963 Volvo P 1800


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