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2017 Honda Civic Si Prototype

2017 Honda Civic Si Prototype

LA Auto ShowLOS ANGELES–Honda took the wraps off its 2017 Civic Si Prototype at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, further expanding the Civic model lineup and providing the public with a good idea of what to expect when the production Si model hits showrooms next year.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring in Sonic Gray

Consumer Guide First Spin Honda’s popular Civic was redesigned for 2016, arriving first as a sedan, then as a coupe, both offered in rather conventional LX, EX, EX-T (turbo), EX-L, and Touring trim levels.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe

2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring

2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring    2015 Audi Q5

Class: Compact Car

Miles Driven: 307

Fuel Used: 10.3 gallons

2016 Honda Civic EX front 3/4

2016 Honda Civic EX sedan

2016 Honda Civic EX sedan   2015 Audi Q5

Class: Compact Car

Miles Driven: 261

Fuel Used: 9.2 gallons

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

Already on sale, Honda’s Accord Hybrid returns for 2017 with more power, better fuel economy, and a number of new features. Prices start at less than $30,500.

Scion iM

Hybrids are a hard sell these days. With gas prices hovering near $2 a gallon, fuel economy isn’t the draw it was when they were closing in on $5.

Chevy IndyCar

Note the slanted engine cover on Chevy’s IndyCar …

Honda IndyCar

… While Honda’s has a more horizontal cover.

Last month’s Indianapolis 500 marked the 100th running of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” which originated at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1911. (The math doesn’t work out for the intervening year span because the race wasn’t run during World War I and World War II.)

While the early races featured many cars that were essentially stripped-down production models – with wildly different specifications – it quickly became a contest between specially built racing machines. And in recent years, those machines have been primarily differentiated by what engine was powering them.

1987 Plymouth Sundance

1987 Plymouth Sundance

Where have these cars gone? There’s no hard science to this–it’s purely anecdotal–but I well remember seeing these vehicles, and I don’t anymore. They’ve seemingly vanished.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s Ridgeline pickup truck returns after a 2-year absence as a 2017 model. Due on sale in June, prices start at about $30,000 for the base front-drive version and run up to near $44,000 for the top-line AWD Black model.

Scion iM

If you applied the famed “Which one is not like the others?” Mensa question to the compact-pickup class, the obvious answer would be … Honda’s Ridgeline.

Or at least, it used to be. Introduced for 2006, the Ridgeline was discontinued after 2015–though Honda acknowledged at the time that a redesigned version was on the way. That replacement appears this June as a 2017 model, boasting many of the same attributes and some interesting new features, but with a decidedly different look.

Ford F-150 colors

2016 Ford F-150

For an auto news geek, one of the more entertaining monthly reports to peruse is the new-vehicle inventory update published in Automotive News. From it, we can deduce what vehicles are in short supply (i.e., probably selling well), and which are taking up space (i.e., selling poorly). The report is not infallible in this regard, however, as factory down time, model-year build-outs, and other factors can cloud the overall picture.

2016 Honda Touring Sedan

2016 Honda Accord Touring Sedan

2016 Honda Accord Touring Sedan   2015 Audi Q5

Class: Midsize Car

Dates tested: 11/30/2015 – 12/07/2015

Miles Driven: 284

Fuel Used: 13.3 gallons

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