1964 Chevrolet Super Nova "Shark"

1964 Chevrolet Super Nova “Shark”

On the auto show circuit for 1964, this crisp-looking concept represented Chevrolet’s take on the future of sporty compact transportation, “Shark” style.

The Chevrolet Super Nova concept, nicknamed Shark, reportedly rode on the same 110-inch wheelbase as the same-year production Chevy II.

1964 Chevrolet Super Nova "Shark"

1964 Chevrolet Super Nova “Shark”

If you’ve never seen or heard of this car, there’s good reason: Ford’s fabulously popular Mustang hit showrooms at virtually the same time the Shark began making the auto show rounds. The poor Shark literally drowned in all the buzz surrounding the new Ford.

It wasn’t a fair fight, really. One sporty compact car was named for a horse; the other—a fish.

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