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2018 Best Buys

Six New Additions Highlight Consumer Guide® Automotive’s 2018 Best Buy List

Chevrolet Bolt EV earns Best Buy in model’s inaugural season

1965 Buick Riviera

How many Buick model names can you find?

This time we made it hard, or at least tried to. Buried in the provided grid are the following:

30 Classic and contemporary Buick model names

2 Model names that appears twice

5 Varieties of cheese

Car Ads Set at the Beach

Nothing screams “beach” like an economy car powered by a cranky Slant Six engine. But…include a fun-loving bikini-clad young lady poking through a sunroof, and you have the makings for a fine magazine ad. According to the ad, this ’73 Dodge Dart Sport could be made a lot more interesting by going with the available 318-inch V8.

A recent blog post by editor John Biel posed the question, “What’s with all the old ads showing cars by pools?” Sure enough, you can cruise online and locate dozens, if not hundreds, of vintage auto ads that feature the highlighted vehicle parked precariously close to an in-ground swimming pool. What makes these ads especially strange is that the driver of these vehicles is often wearing a suit. You can check out a few car-at-the-pool ads here.


Chrysler Airflow

In the fiercely competitive automotive industry, sometimes innovation just isn’t enough. Here are a few examples of groundbreaking automobiles that came up short in the marketplace.

2013 Dodge Dart, Automotive Awards

The all-new 2013 Dodge Dart wins Ed’s “Burger King” award!

We here at Consumer Guide take great pride in our annual Best Buy award process. Every year, we lock ourselves in a conference room and don’t come out until we have a list of vehicles that we think best represent their respective classes. Well, a few of us might come out for a bathroom break, maybe to get a glass of water, but no matter.

Automotive Fun Facts

With its BringGo app, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark cuts the cost of a navigation system to just $50.

You probably already know all the big stuff: The Dart gives Dodge its first competitive small car in a couple of generations, the Honda Accord is all new, and the redesigned Nissan Altima gets an EPA-estimated 38 mpg highway. So, I won’t bother rehashing the news that’s making headlines. Instead, here are a few things that may have slipped through the media cracks on the way to your inbox—you know, little stuff that’s still worth knowing.


1997 Ford Aspire (Sorry, but some of us had higher aspirations.)

There’s a brand of commercial toilet paper named Surpass. Really. I can’t help but chuckle when I think about the pitch meeting in which that name was first introduced. Given that the one-ply, generically wrapped, oh-too-necessary office supply would likely be pitched only to accountants, property managers, and inventory assistants, you’d think that a name like Stingy Wipe or Econo-Komfort might make more sense.

Automotive Word Search

Here’s a “dead car brand” to get you started: Cord. Pictured is a 1937 Cord 812 Custom Beverly.

Has the summer heat got you down? Tired of political news and threats to the Euro? Well, here’s a chance to get away from it all. In fact, here’s a chance to get away from your computer. Just print out the Dead Car Brands and Meat Substitute Seek-uh-Word and set yourself down in a comfy chair. Your job, for the next hour or so, is to find 29 car brands that no longer exist, plus four substances that are typically used by tree huggers as a substitute for chicken and beef. Have fun, take a load off, and find yourself some words.


Patricia Heaton and Volkswagen Passat

In preparing for the nightly ritual of bathing and feeding my infant son and putting him to bed, I happened to catch a good portion of the ABC sitcom The Middle. What I initially thought was some sort of alternative-universe version of FOX’s former hit Malcolm in the Middle seemingly devolved into an extended commercial for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat.

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