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Buick Avenir Concept
Buick Avenir Concept

General Motors’s Buick division issued a press release today announcing the creation of a new top-line luxury sub-brand: Avenir. Per Buick spokesperson Arianna Kughn, Avenir will function for Buick much like the Denali sub-brand does for the GMC truck and SUV lineup.

Volkswagen Facebook rank

There is no direct correlation between vehicle sales and Facebook “likes,” as the chart below demonstrates.

A year or so ago, when queried about the controversial “spindle” grille treatment that was proliferating through the Lexus model lineup, a Lexus representative responded simply, “We’re just glad to be a part of the conversation.”


Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.06.35 AM

According to research conducted by, the following list represents the car brands most highly rated by women.


A pure-electric vehicle, the Spark EV wears a “wave” badge tagged with letters “EV.”

Blue is the new “Green,” sort of. A quick review of recent eco-themed automotive marketing suggests that the word green may be losing steam as a catch-all descriptor of things eco-friendly.


Car Logo HistoryThrough their logos, many automakers have created a dazzling world of wonder. In logo land, you’ll discover roman gods, prancing horses, and mystical beasts—as well as religious themes such as the Holy Trinity and the Christian Crusades. It’s a universe of stars and planets, ships and rockets, diamonds and domination. One emblem, which is simply a crooked letter, symbolizes a trustworthy handshake.


Mitsubishi Lancer Mercedes-Benz Edition

I never quite got past the Mercury Villager Nautica. Someone funnier than me once called it “a vehicle that’s not quite a van wearing a label that’s not quite designer.” Not quite as troubling, but clearly overreaching, was the Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers Edition. I recall that this bit of silly cobranding got Chevy into trouble when it wanted to sponsor events at Disney.

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