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Flash to Pass, Left Lane Bandit

Can a friendly turn-signal tap improve highway driving conditions?

The evidence is anecdotal, but compelling. More than ever, ambivalent drivers are flocking to the far left lane of the nation’s highways, only to travel at some speed comfortably below the organic flow of traffic.

Chrysler 300 AWD, Chryslers in Snow

Chrysler demonstrates that snow days can be fun—even for adults.

Snow day.

Those were once magical words.

As kids, after peering out our bedroom windows to see that Mother Nature had blessed us with a fresh, thick blanket of white overnight, my sister and I would sit at the breakfast table eagerly waiting for the phone to ring. And on those all-too-rare occasions when it did, there would be a moment of anticipation followed by a rousing cheer: “Snow day!”

4WD versus AWD

Though often discussed interchangeably, 4WD and AWD systems are functionally different things. Read on to learn about the system on your car or truck.

In the past few years, the number of vehicles offered with 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) or All-Wheel Drive (AWD) has increased dramatically. Previously the domain of pickup trucks and SUVs, today there are few segments where multiple vehicles aren’t offered with one system or the other.

Hitting a Deer

Tom Appel recaps his encounter with a deer, and the sad demise of one of our favorite long-term cars.

With spring upon us, we’re reposting Tom’s cathartic recollection of  his encounter with a bobtailed Michigan resident. The original story appeared in September of 2010.

The formula is pretty simple: Stationary deer corpse + Mazda 3 doing 70 mph = totaled Mazda 3. That’s the formula. Similar equations are tested and retested by thousands of drivers each year. The crazy part here is that the deer was already dead. I didn’t even get to kill it; only spread it, like Jif, over about 1000 feet of Michigan State Route 14.


Tom lists the three most egregious traffic blunders he’s witnessed while commuting to and from work.

Hitting the road is more than just the opening salvo of your daily commute.

Most of us understand that when you take the wheel, you enter into a social contract obliging you to make driving as easy and uncomplicated as you can for every other driver on the road.


Lindsey Wolko’s career as a pet safety advocate began when her dog Maggie was injured by a vehicle safety harness.

Having learned of her concerns regarding a recent CG Daily Drive post regarding dog safety in cars, publisher Tom Appel reached out to Center for Pet Safety founder Lindsey Wolko. Presented here is the interview that resulted from that conversation.

fisherbody_ad_66, Dog Safety

The door is locked and the kid’s belted, but Fluffy could be in for some trouble. The question is, what is the best way to keep a dog safe in a moving vehicle?

Publisher Tom recently sat down to chat with radio personality and noted pet expert Steve Dale, host of “Steve Dale’s Pet World.” The topic of that conversation was automotive dog safety. You can hear that conversation this Sunday (February 15) on WGN radio in Chicago at 6:30 AM CST. Included here are a few of the points discussed.

Sienna Heated Seat Hold

2014 Toyota Sienna

Toyota has halted the sale of eight models to address possibility of heated-seat fire. Below is the text of a press release issued by Toyota today.


Up here in Chicago, the frigid temps have caused many to suffer from frozen washers of late. This, combined with all the snow we’ve gotten — and the road salt to combat it — can lead to some dangerous driving.

Actually, the following is just a theory. But it’s based on information that at least makes it feasible.


If kicked-up snow covers your rearview-camera’s lens, you can end up with this rather artsy image rather than an image of what you’re trying to avoid. It might be nice if the lens had a heater that kicked on when the rear-window defroster was activated.

When the Chicagoland area was hit by several days of snow that accumulated to well over a foot, I was glad to have use of an all-wheel-drive vehicle – particularly since I was going to take a long trip. And the fact that all-wheel-drive vehicle was a Lexus RX 350 made it all the more enjoyable.

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