Diamond T station wagon

Factory photograph of the Diamond T Wagon Prototype (1946)

Text and drawing by Frank Peiler

The American auto industry returned to building cars soon after World War II, and the car-starved public was clamoring to trade in its worn-out old rides for almost anything new that had at least four wheels and was self-propelled.

Diamond T, the builder of big, rugged heavy-duty trucks thought about getting in on the action. Its first and only attempt was this prototype chrome-laden station wagon. Almost nothing is known about the concept technically, but it appears to be very trucklike, suggesting it was based on one of the maker’s existing truck platforms.

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Can anyone out there shed some light on this wagon? Also, does anyone know the history of the Prince Castle franchise? I loved those greasy little hamburgers they served, and their ice cream was also the best!

Diamond T Wagon

Diamond T Wagon

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