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Kevin Bacon, Footloose, Beetles in Movies

What, exactly, does Kevin Bacon have in common with Clint Eastwood? Read on…

Few film genres employ characters more cookie-cutter and two-dimensional than do Westerns. Generally speaking, the whole good guy/bad guy, cowboys/Indians thing is the stuff of mediocre legend. Anyone who’s watched any Roy Rogers movie knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Twitter Hashtag, #uglycar, #Ugly

Only on Twitter could the BMW 507 be branded as ugly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so we’ve been told. Odds are that a parent or guardian first presented this tired adage to us, likely on the occasion of our honest appraisal of an unwanted Christmas sweater, hand-me-down bike, or nerdy cousin.

2003 Honda Element, Ugly Cars We Love

2003 Honda Element

If we learned just one thing from the Grumpy Cat web-meme phenomenon, it’s that beauty is but one of many points of attraction. What was it about Facebook’s favorite feline that motivated half the planet’s population to share and repost its image?

Ugly Grilles, Pontiac Sunfire

2003 Pontiac Sunfire

It’s said that you can’t make a first impression twice. It’s for that reason that when we meet people we care to impress we take pains to look good. We dress smartly, we’re cautious about what we say and how we say it, we may even worry about our posture.

Twitter Evoque, Twitter

Quiz Tweet #1

Presented here are real tweets featuring the hashtag #uglycar as found on Twitter. Your job is simple enough: identify the redacted vehicle being discussed. Scroll down slowly so you don’t accidentally see the answers. Good luck!

Ugly Vehicles, Part 4

1975 Ford Mustang Ghia

I write a lot about the effects of the great American automotive downsizing that began in the late ’70s. Most of the cars shrunken at the time suffered from looking ill-proportioned or just from having changed too much too suddenly. Sure, this wasn’t always the case. Most folks paying attention at the time found the 1977 redesign of the Chevrolet Impala and Caprice to be an unmitigated success. Still, I would argue that, at best, most of the cars of the period could be described as inoffensive.

Ugly Vehicles, Part 3

Saturn Vue

You hear often enough that ugly vehicles are the product of “design by committee” thinking. I can’t help but wonder, in the case of the five cars and trucks listed here, why no one on that committee raised his or her hand and noted, “Dude, that thing’s nasty.” But, be it too many or too few decision-makers in the design studio, these are some unpleasant-looking machines.

Ugly Vehicles, Part 1

1996 Ford Taurus

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I will not suggest that the cars here are the ugliest vehicles that retailed during the period being discussed, but they are certainly worthy of some serious design scorn. To me, ugly cars usually suffer from an overabundance of design elements—really, the visual equivalent of mixed metaphors. But most importantly, I just think the five cars here are nasty-looking. I realize that I am in the minority on the Celica, but I suspect that I have the people’s support when it comes to dissing the Taurus. Got your own list of ill-favored rides? Let’s hear it.

Ugliest Cars

Aston Martin Lagonda

One sure way to load your inbox with nasty emails is to publish a list of ugly cars. I caught the most flack for selecting the Toyota Celica as one of five nasty-looking rides for my 1995-2004 list. Please be sure to check that out.

2022 Genesis G80 3.5T Sport Prestige

2022 Genesis G80 3.5T Sport Prestige in “Siberian Ice” paint

2022 Genesis G80 3.5T Sport Prestige

Class: Premium Large Car

Miles driven: 335

Fuel used: 19.5 gallons