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2023 North American Auto Show Schedule

2023 North American Auto Show Schedule

The show must go on: This phrase is as true for the car business as it is for Hollywood. Despite continued supply shortages and other economic and geopolitical uncertainties, consumer demand for passenger vehicles remains as strong as ever. Further, even as manufacturers and dealers ramp up their online shopping tools, there’s no better way for consumers to get a feel for what they might want than going to an in-person auto show.


2022 Auto Show Schedule, 2022 American Auto Show Schedule

After a turbulent couple of years which included the cancellation—and in some cases last-minute cancellation—of nearly every major North American auto show, 2022 is beginning to look like a return to auto-show normalcy.

2017 NIssan Rogue, 2016 Miami International Auto Show

Nissan North America Chairman Jose Munoz introduces the refreshed 2017 Rogue on a 7th-floor open parking deck in Miami.

Miami moved its annual auto show from November to early September this year, making it the first show of the new-car selling season. In many cases, that gives visitors (and that includes the press during preview days) their first views of the 2017 models. Below are some of the highlights from Miami.