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Episode: 176

Broadcast date: July 24, 2023

Guest: Don Drucker


Driving the Maserati MC20, Car Culture and Chicago’s Legendary Superdawg Drive-In


This week Paul Herrold of the Sons of Speed sits in for Jill. In the first segment, Paul shared the details of his recent trip to Italy which included a visit to the Maserati factory, and a test drive of the brand’s exotic MC20 sports car. Paul and Tom also discussed recent cuts to the price of Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

In the second segment Paul and Tom welcomed Don Drucker, Operations Manager of Chicago’s legendary Superdawg drive-in restaurant to the Car Stuff Podcast. Don shared the institution’s history, and talked about late-night car culture. Superdawg celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

Paul is subjected to Tom’s “Which Costs More?” quiz in the final segment, and Tom talked a little about driving an affordable base-trim Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

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