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9 Electric Car Companies To Watch

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America was once home to a number of electric-car manufacturers. It very likely will be again, and fairly soon.

Once consumers became able to play music wirelessly, Bluetooth speaker manufacturers seemed to spring into existence from seemingly nowhere, filling a product vacuum that one might have assumed would have been filled by traditional component stereo makers.

And now, as the auto industry begins its inevitable transition to building electric vehicles, we find that never-before-heard-of makers are showing up at auto shows with concept vehicles that we are assured will see production in just a couple of years.

Are these companies a real threat to traditional carmakers? Maybe, maybe not. As Tesla continues to struggle to profitably build electric cars and crossovers, we’re forced to recognize how difficult it can be to enter the new-vehicle market as an upstart manufacturer.

That said, not every one of these companies will fail, and that’s why we present them here. Below are nine electric-car companies you may not have heard of yet that are planning to sell cars in the U.S. relatively soon.

Do any of these companies have a real shot at success? Let us know what you think. The place to leave comments is down below.

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Bollinger Motors

Bollinger B1

Headquarters: Hobart, New York


In the pipeline: B1 SUV, B2 pickup

Projected production start: 2020 (B1)

Notes: Focus on ruggedness, off-road performance. Any similarity in design to certain high-end British off-road vehicles is absolutely intentional.

2018 Los Angeles Auto Show: Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept


Byton Technology

Byton M-Byte Concept

Headquarters: Nanjing, China


In the pipeline: M-Byte crossover, K-Byte sedan

Projected production start: Mid 2019 (M-Byte)

Notes: The Byton team is positioning the company as a direct competitor to Tesla. As such, expect the M-Byte and K-Byte to be priced accordingly, starting around $80,000.

2018 Los Angeles Auto Show: Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ CARGO Concept


Faraday Future

Headquarters: Newark, California


In the pipeline: FF 91 crossover

Projected production start: Mid 2019

Notes: Faraday is positioning the FF 91 as an “ultra-luxury EV.” Expect the 91 to be priced at more than $100,000.

Test Drive: 2018 Nissan Leaf


Fisker Inc.

Fisker Emotion

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California


In the pipeline: EMotion EV sedan

Projected production start: 2021 or later

Notes: Fisker is promising solid-state batteries, a technological leap many observers believe is at least a decade off.

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Lucid Motors

Lucid Air

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

In the pipeline: Air sedan

Projected production start: Mid 2019

Notes: Lucid has entered a $1 billion funding arrangement with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

Test Drive: Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier



Polestar 1

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden


In the pipeline: Polestar 1 sports car, Polestar 2 crossover

Projected production start: Mid 2019 (Polestar 1)

Notes: Polestar is Volvo’s new electric-vehicle brand. Production of the Polestar 1 is slated to be limited to 500 a year. The Polestar 2 will be the brand’s first regular-production vehicle.

Test Drive: 2018 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription


Rimac Automobili

Rimac C_Two

Headquarters: Sveta Nedelja, Croatia


In the pipeline: C_Two sports car

Projected production start: 2020

Notes: The C_Two is a follow up to the company’s Concept One sports car–only eight of which were produced, and none of which were sold in the U.S. Rimac plans to produce 150 examples of the C_Two, including limited U.S. availability.

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Rivan R1S

Headquarters: Plymouth, Michigan


In the pipeline: R1S crossover, R1T pickup

Projected production start: 2020 (R1S)

Notes: To produce the R1S and R1T, Rivian has purchased the shuttered Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois.

2018 Los Angeles Auto Show: Rivian R1T Pickup and R1S SUV Electric Concepts


SF Motors

SF Motors SF 5

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California


In the pipeline: SF 5 crossover, SF 7 crossover

Projected production start: 2019

Notes: SF Motors is wholly owned by Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, a Chinese manufacturing holding company.

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