1973 Volvo, Import car prices
1973 Volvo

There’s nothing like a bit of historical data to put 2016 new-car prices in context. For a healthy dose of perspective, scroll down to the 1973-model-year Mercedes-Benz prices below and just sort of let them sink in.

Five 1973 Mercedes-Benz cars had starting prices above $10,000. That same year, a Chevrolet Bel Air started at $3247, while a Corvette coupe listed for $5635.

1973 Chevrolet Bel-Air
The ’73 Chevrolet Bel Air started at $3247.

Consumer Guide didn’t pay much attention to imports in the early Seventies, so this comprehensive list of foreign-car prices found in the Consumer Guide ’73 Auto Test magazine is a rare treat.

We suggest taking a few moments to savor the values–and truly perverse peculiarities–found in these prices.

A few observations:

  • An AM radio for the Dodge Colt cost more than half as much as an automatic transmission
  • Most 1973 Volvos cost more than a same-year Corvette
  • The most expensive 1973 Audi came to about half the price of Mercedes’s cheapest same-year offering

As always, we ask you to share any experiences you may have had with one of these imported rides.

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Import car prices, 1973


Import car prices, 1973


Import car prices, 1973

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