Chrysler has been building the Hemi brand for 50 years. A 1966 426 V8 is shown.

From transmissions (Powerglide, Hondamatic) to suspensions (Iso-Strut, Hydra-Coil), automakers have branded and trademarked virtually every consumer-facing vehicle feature. Some branded features come and go with little fanfare (General Motors’ Quadrasteer) while others become part of the automotive lexicon (Ford’s EcoBoost).   

 Few branded icons have reached the level of positive public awareness as Chrysler’s “Hemi” brand. A brand name born of legitimate technology (all Hemi-branded engines do indeed feature at least partially hemispherical combustion chambers), use of the name Hemi began organically enough, with racing success helping to spread the word.

Chrysler resurrected the Hemi name in the early 2000s, this time investing significant marketing money into strengthening the brand. With great presence of mind behind it, the Hemi brand celebrates 50 years of service in the care of several Chrysler nameplates. Included here is the maker’s unedited press release celebrating the anniversary.

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Mopar to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Iconic 426 HEMI in 2014

Mopar Unveils Logo, Special Product Line and Plans Marketing Events

  • 2014 marks 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Gen II 426 Race HEMI®
  • Mopar unveils 50th anniversary HEMI logo celebrating the iconic engine
  • Engine made its legendary debut in February 1964 by dominating the Daytona 500
  • A version of the Gen II 426 HEMI still powers NHRA Funny Car and Top Fuel vehicles
  • Special 50th anniversary HEMI merchandise product line available on
  • Marketing events planned for fans throughout the year

January 9, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Throughout 2014, Mopar will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the iconic second generation (Gen II) 426 Race HEMI® engine to motorsports competition and its eventual initiation to production vehicles.

To kick off the year-long commemoration of the legendary engine, Mopar has created a 50th anniversary logo. The design incorporates an elephant in reference to the engine’s moniker, which resulted from the powerplant’s imposing size, strength and power. The logo also features the trademark HEMI-orange color that covered the engine and made it even more recognizable.

“Mopar is proud to mark the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Gen II 426 HEMI, a revolutionary engine that inspired a long line of quality products in our brand’s portfolio,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO — Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “The 426 HEMI is such a vital part of our heritage and a key ingredient in helping make Mopar what it is today. The success of the Race HEMI launched a unique brand of sought after muscle cars that had fans began to refer to as Mopars, and that is something we are very proud of.”

While Chrysler engineers initially introduced the original hemispherical combustion engine design for passenger cars in 1951

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