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Which is the longest car?, Which car is longer?

Can you tell which of these vehicles is longer? 

No less a luminary than Mark Twain once noted, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Yet, despite Mr. Clemens’ call for deeper consideration of the things we appreciate, Americans have always put a premium on size. We like our TVs, BBQ grilles, and fountain beverages extra large, and, based on the popularity of Kim Kardashian, we tend to prefer select elements of our popular icons on the generous side as well.

2009 HUMMER H3T Alpha. X09HM_3T024

2009 Hummer H3T

General Motors wasn’t the only company to have its financial frailty exposed by the 2008 financial meltdown, but it was among the corporate giants that very nearly didn’t survive the crisis.  Saddled with more brands than Mike and Carol Brady had kids, it became clear that Sophie’s Choice-level decisions needed to be made.

GMC Caballero

GMC Caballero

 List three is all about car/SUV-based pickups. Maybe you’re seeing more of these around than I am, because my impression is that they’ve all but vanished. Like most rarely seen vehicles, unless you see one on a regular basis, you likely don’t see any of these oddities at all. Let us know if you spot one, and we’ll add your name to the Daily Drive Sharp-Eyed Reader List*.

A silver Hummer H2 drives over a rocky hill, Hummer Poem

Hummer H2

We at Consumer Guide often let major anniversaries slip by unnoticed, instead paying undue attention to lesser milestones. In keeping with that fine tradition, we honor the introduction of the poster child for wasteful motoring. And yes — it really has been ten years since you first saw a Hummer H2.


2009 Hummer H3 Alpha

History has been unkind to the Hummer brand, and for the most part, rightly so. It would be hard to point at any General Motors project that better demonstrated a culture of commercial crassness, environmental tone-deafness, and just plain shortsightedness.

Saturn Relay, Driving to Work, Things I’ve Noticed About Cars and Their Drivers

Seemingly nobody bought Saturn Relay minivans in the mid-2000s, yet Tom keeps seeing them on the road—disguised as taxis.

I haven’t had a eureka moment in the car in years. You’d think that someone with a long commute would occasionally, when deep in thought, stumble upon a perfect solution or a brilliant plan—but not so much. Unless you consider remembering to pick up sriracha and Diet Pepsi brilliant, I’m not getting too much mental business done while in transit.


2006 Hummer H1 Alpha

This military-themed SUV from General Motors’ Hummer division gets a new engine and transmission for what the company says is H1’s final model year.

2000 AM General Hummer

2000 AM General Hummer

AM General started selling the civilian version of the U.S. Army’s newest run-about vehicle in 1992. Since then it has remained a vehicle purchased by two groups of people: those looking for ultimate off-road ability and the ultra-rich seeking the ultimate status symbol.