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2016 Scion FR-S

2016 Scion FR-S

Test Drive2016 Scion FR-S Automatic

Class: Sporty/Performance Car

Dates tested: 9/09/2015 – 9/24/2015

Miles Driven: 419

Fuel Used: 16.2 gallons

Scion xB

2006 Scion xB

After 13 model years Toyota is pulling the plug on the Scion brand. Launched as a marketing ploy to lure young shoppers into new-car showrooms, Scion-brand vehicles were sold alongside Toyota cars and trucks at the same stores, but by staff trained to work with younger consumers.

2016 Scion iM

One of the Scion iM’s strengths is its value equation. Despite its lengthy list of standard features (plus a few minor options), our manual-transmission test car came in at less than 20 grand.

Consumer Guide Automotive2016 Scion iM with manual transmission 

Class: Compact Car

Dates tested: 12/28/2015 – 1/11/2016

Miles Driven: 448

Fuel Used: 15.2 gallons

2016 Scion tC

Although the host of features found on its window sticker might make it seem dressed to the teeth, our test tC started — and ended — at $21,330 including destination, as all those niceties came standard.

2016 Scion tC  2015 Audi Q5Automatic

Class: Sporty/Performance Car

Dates tested: 12/7/2015 – 12/21/2015

Miles Driven: 429

Fuel Used: 17.1 gallons

2016 Scion iM

2016 Scion iM

2016 Scion iM automatic     2015 Audi Q5

Class: Compact Car

Miles Driven: 158

Fuel Used: 5.1 gallons

Driving mix: 75% city, 25% highway

2016 Scion iA

2016 Scion iA

2016 Scion iA Automatic   2015 Audi Q5

Class: Subcompact Car

Dates tested: 10/26/2015 – 11/09/2015

Miles Driven: 427

Fuel Used: 12.1 gallons

Scion C-HR Concept

Scion C-HR Concept

LA Auto ShowScion showed a concept version of one of its upcoming new models at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The C-HR Concept was previously shown as a Toyota at the Paris and Frankfort auto shows, but it’s wearing Scion badges for its U.S. debut.

2015 Kia Soul, Good cars for young drivers

2015 Kia Soul

With a 15-year-old daughter having just completed driver’s education, I find myself in the unenviable position of shopping for a second car. That car, by the way, will spend most of its time in the service of the aforementioned daughter.

Scion iA and iM

New for 2016: the Scion iA (left) and Scion iM

The 2016 Scion iA and the 2016 Scion iM began arriving in dealerships nationwide last week, ushering in an important new chapter in Scion history. The iA (a subcompact sedan) and iM (a compact hatchback) are really the first “mainstream” Scions aimed at addressing the shifting demographics of Scion’s target market (70 percent of which didn’t even have a driver’s license when the brand was introduced).

2016 Scion iM

Scion adds the iM compact hatchback to its lineup for 2016. It’s a stylish entry with one highly contented trim level and an “out the door” price of less than $20,000.

Scion iMThis fall, there will be some prominent comings and goings in Scion showrooms. Coming will be a new iA subcompact sedan (the first sedan in the company’s history) along with a compact 4-door hatchback called the iM (the subject of this report); going will be the tiny iQ and the “staple” xB compact wagon. The only carryovers are thus the front-wheel-drive tC and rear-wheel-drive FR-S sport coupes.

As such, the focus of the brand is shifting somewhat; away from the unique if limited-appeal cars that Scion has sold in the past, and toward more mainstream entries that should attract more interest – and more buyers.