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Hybrid Badges, Ways Hybrids are Different

There are more than 40 different Hybrid models available for sale in the U.S., and each of them behaves a little differently than you might expect.

As much as manufacturers of Hybrids strive to make them “feel” like normal gas-powered cars, most drivers will notice some differences – and not all from behind the wheel. Note that not all Hybrids are created equal, so some may not exhibit all of the traits mentioned.

Online Car Shopping Experience

This Chevy dealer’s website tries to be helpful, but it really isn’t.

My wife and I might be in the market for a new vehicle sometime in the not-too-distant future. While my job as an auto critic gives me unique access to the industry’s latest and greatest, I will still need to get into the proverbial trenches to research not only the product but the dealerships who sell them.

Ford F-150 colors

2016 Ford F-150

For an auto news geek, one of the more entertaining monthly reports to peruse is the new-vehicle inventory update published in Automotive News. From it, we can deduce what vehicles are in short supply (i.e., probably selling well), and which are taking up space (i.e., selling poorly). The report is not infallible in this regard, however, as factory down time, model-year build-outs, and other factors can cloud the overall picture.

Pogue Carburetor, Gas Saving Tricks, Ways to Save Gas

The Air Flow Needle didn’t actually do much. We’ve got five ideas here that will actually make your car or truck more fuel efficient.

Most gas-saving tips seem to focus on the things that drivers can do to eke a few more miles out of a tank of gas. Driving slower, driving less aggressively, avoiding prolonged periods of idling…we’ve all heard this stuff before.

If it’s your car that’s sucking up all the gas, why should you have to modify your behavior—what about the car itself?

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 vs Shelby GT500

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 vs Shelby GT500

Don’t look now, but the retro-styled pony cars from the Detroit Three have now been around long enough that it’s almost time to start getting nostalgic for the first examples of the breed. Ford kick-started this genre with the bold retro styling of the fifth-generation Mustang, which was unveiled way back in 2004 and went into production for the 2005 model year. Ford’s success with its new/old ‘Stang inspired Chevrolet and Dodge to relaunch their dormant pony cars along a similar throwback theme: A reborn Dodge Challenger (inspired by the original 1970 Challenger) debuted for 2008, and a revived Chevrolet Camaro (which put a new-age spin on 1969 Camaro cues) followed for 2010. The Challenger has been soldiering on with clever updates to that same basic platform ever since, while the Mustang and Camaro both received redesigns—for 2015 and 2016, respectively—that continued with heritage-inspired design.

1953 Nash Rambler Custom Convertible

1953 Nash Rambler Custom Convertible

Note: The following story was excerpted from the October 2018 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine

The Nash Rambler went against conventional economy-car wisdom when it bowed as a pricey convertible instead of a low-priced sedan. When the compact was introduced in 1950, World War II had been over for five years, yet raw materials were still regulated by the government and Nash wouldn’t have been able to get enough steel to meet the expected demand for the new Rambler. Since production would be limited, Nash decided to build a high-profit car.

2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e

2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e in Arctic Grey Metallic (a $550 option)

2015 Audi Q52021 BMW X5 xDrive45e

Class: Premium Midsize Crossover SUV

Miles driven: 213

Fuel used: 5.8 gallons

2021 Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport

2021 Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport in “Iridium” silver (a $425 option)

2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport

2021 Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport

Class: Premium Compact Car

Miles driven: 375

Fuel used: 18.0 gallons

2021 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury

2021 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury in Satin Steel Metallic (a $625 option)

Consumer Guide Test Drive

2021 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury AWD

ClassPremium Midsize Car

Miles driven: 542

Fuel used: 22.0 gallons

2021 Lexus RX 450h

2021 Lexus RX 450h F Sport in Celestial Blue

2021 Lexus RX 450h F Sport

Class: Premium Midsize Crossover SUV

Miles driven: 406

Fuel used: 14.5 gallons