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Low Priced Three

1941 Chevrolet

You can’t exactly say that Plymouth created a market segment, but the new-for-1928 Chrysler division went to great lengths to define one. Plymouth was founded specifically to tackle the “low-cost” competition, which at the time was primarily Chevrolet and Ford.

1985 Jaguar XJ6, The End of Jaguar

1985 Jaguar XJ6

Met my dad for lunch recently. From our table at a nearby eatery we had an excellent view of the street. My dad, who has a mild curiosity about happenings in the auto world, commented occasionally on vehicles passing the restaurant. While we worked to polish off the chips and salsa before our enchiladas arrived, dad took note of a crossover he couldn’t identify.

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ, Rough Year for the Car Business

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

Citing high (and still increasing) interest rates, continued supply chain issues, and the looming fear of recession, CNBC recently reported that the car business will likely continue to face headwinds going into 2023. This is despite predictions by some analysts that new-vehicle sales in the US may increase as inventories have improved since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1958 Studebaker Scotsman Ad

1958 Studebaker Scotsman 2-dr Sedan

Referred to by Catholics as sins of omission, they are wrongful acts committed–not by doing something wrong–but by failing to do something at all. For example, failing to act with generosity in the presence of human need might be considered a sin of omission. In the case of automotive advertising, failing to list equipment removed from a car in order to reach a tempting base price might also count as such a sin. In the case of this print ad from 1958, some folks at Studebaker probably needed to spend some time in a confessional. Here’s the deal:

1989 Ford Bronco II, Eddie Bauer, Valets and Door Men

1989 Ford Bronco II

Nothing says “you’ve arrived,” like having a uniformed, handsomely appointed doorman or valet open your car door for you. For me it’s always a troubling experience, because I rarely carry small bills—but that’s my problem.

Domino’s is rolling out more than 800 custom-branded 2023 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles at select stores throughout the U.S., making it the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the country. EVs for pizza delivery

Chevrolet Bolt EVs for Pizza Delivery

In an effort to get a bigger slice of the EV market, Chevrolet is partnering with Domino’s to introduce a fleet of Bolt EVs as delivery vehicles. The rollout is starting in the pizza chain’s home state of Michigan with 12 Bolts currently on the road with plans to increase that to 93 by the end of the year. The company has agreed to purchase a total of 800 vehicles for deployment across the US.

Switchs and details, The Jewelry of the 2023 Genesis G90

The Jewelry of the 2023 Genesis G90

When the Genesis brand was rolled out in 2016, Americans responded with a polite, but low-energy clap. The new luxury division of parent company Hyundai didn’t have much to sell, and what it was selling was, frankly, leftovers.

1974 AMC Matador, Cars of 1974

1974 AMC Matador

It was a bad year to sell cars, especially large American cars. For those not yet alive, 1974 arrived towards the end of the OPEC Oil Embargo—and the related record-high gas prices—and at the beginning of a mild recession.

Mopar Ugly Holiday Sweater

Mopar Ugly Holiday Sweater

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time for decorations, carols, egg nog, and ugly sweaters. Stellantis’ Mopar parts and service division wants to get automotive enthusiasts into the spirit by offering its own line of ugly wearables.

Chrysler Volaré, 1985

1985 Chrysler Volaré

Odds are you’ll never see never see one of these cars, but know this: Chrysler indulged in some very confusing rebadging back in the Eighties, especially in Mexico.