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2020 Chevrolet Montana (Brazil), What Was The Chevrolet Montana?

2020 Chevrolet Montana (Brazil)

Given how much excitement Ford generated with the recent reveal of its new compact Maverick pickup truck, it’s clear there is at least some interest in a pickup smaller than the midsize Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma.

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1949 Mexican-market Studebaker chassis-cab truck

Have you ever attended a party at a good friend’s house only to be stunned by all the people in attendance that you don’t know?

Volkswagen SP2

Volkswagen SP2

If you were a Volkswagen fan in America in the early Seventies, and you were looking for something sporty to drive, you were kind of out of luck. There was the coachbuilt-body Karmann Ghia—a car which was arguably gorgeous, but not really all that sporty. Mechanically identical to the contemporaneous Beetle, the Karmann Ghia was more of a casual touring car—it was a little too slow, and its handling a little too pedestrian, to be engaging. However, Brazilian VW fans of the day had it a little better.

Ford F-1000, What Was the Ford F-1000

Ford F-1000

Comparing pickup trucks to Hamburger Helper may seem like a stretch, but I beg your indulgence as I explain myself. Here goes: The main purpose of Hamburger Helper is to help costly ground beef go further, at less cost. Thus, a meal that might have involved the expense of a pound and a half of meat might require just a single pound once augmented by the sodium-packed filler material that generally retails for around $1.39 a box.

Chevrolet Bonanza

Chevrolet Bonanza

For as globalized as the auto business has become, you might think a brand as omnipresent as Chevrolet would sell pretty much the same lineup in every market it plays in. Turns out that’s not the case.

2015 Chevrolet Montana, Chevrolet Trucks of Brazil

2015 Chevrolet Montana

Question: What’s the 4th-largest new vehicle market on the planet? Germany? France? Maybe Russia? Nope. Turns out that most years it’s Brazil. South America’s economic powerhouse is often forgotten in discussions of global auto sales, and that’s a shame.