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F-150 Lightning Overview

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Lordstown Endurance

Lordstown Endurance

The Lordstown Endurance is a battery-electric pickup truck developed by Ohio-based electric-vehicle startup Lordstown Motors. Yet to see regular production, the Endurance is unique among electric vehicles in that it is designed to use hub motors instead of axle- or transmission-mounted motors, thus eliminating the need for a transmission, traditional axles, or half shafts.

1941 Dodge WC-18 Ambulance

1941 Dodge WC-18 Ambulance

Note: The following story was excerpted from the August 2012 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine

Of the many things Chrysler Corporation manufactured for American and Allied military services during World War II, perhaps the ones most likely to be still seen today are four-wheel-drive trucks produced by Dodge. They were manufactured in an array of body types for myriad battlefield tasks, and military-vehicle collectors still covet and preserve examples that have survived the ravages of war and time. 

Grumman LLV

Grumman LLV

If you’re looking for a solid example of truth in advertising, look no further than the Grumman LLV, the United States Postal Service’s primary last-mile delivery vehicle for the past three decades.

2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty Platinum

2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty Platinum in Rapid Red (a $395 option)

 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty Platinum 4X4 Crew Cab

Class: Large Pickup Truck

Miles driven: 227

Fuel used: 15.7 gallons

2020 Ford Transit

2020 Ford Transit 350 HR (High Roof) Passenger XLT in Race Red

2015 Audi Q52020 Ford Transit 350 XLT AWD

Class: Commercial Vehicle

Miles driven: 161

Fuel used: 10.2 gallons

GMC Cannonball

1960 GMC DFRW 860 “Cannonball”

I’m not really into old commercial trucks. Not because old trucks aren’t cool, it’s just that the whole car thing fills my time pretty completely. I get the truck thing though, and certainly appreciate a vintage big rig whenever I come across one.

1950 Dodge B-2-B

1950 Dodge B-2-B Panel Truck

Note: The following story was excerpted from the June 2013 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine

By John Biel

For decades after the old-car hobby got rolling in earnest, there was an increasing emphasis on exacting nut-and-bolt restorations, the results sometimes being vintage vehicles that looked better in retirement than the moment they left the assembly line years before. In recent years, though, an appreciation for worn but undisturbed originals has arisen. Even some prestigious car-club meets and concours d’elegance have created “preservation” classes to include these hardy survivors.  

2021 Ford F-150

2021 Ford F-150

When the best-selling vehicle in America gets a full redesign, it’s a big deal—even in the midst of a global pandemic. Ford officially took the wraps off the new, fourteenth-generation F-150 full-size light-duty pickup this evening via a streamed digital-reveal event.

Photo Feature: 1935 Ford Model 50 DeLuxe Panel Truck

1935 Ford Model 50 DeLuxe Panel Truck

Note: The following story was excerpted from the April 2009 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine

By Don Sikora II

The Ford Motor Company ambitiously introduced restyled lines of cars and trucks for 1935. The truck line was comprised of the light-duty Model 50 Commercial Cars and the 1½-ton Model 51. For the first time, Ford truck styling was starting to show the streamlined look the company’s passenger cars had been using since 1933. While the trucks clearly looked more modern, Ford’s recent practice of greater stylistic differentiation between car and truck models continued.