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Consumer Guide 2023 Best Buys

2023 Consumer Guide Best Buys

Kia Leads Popular Brands with Five Awards

Genesis Tops Premium List with Four Best Buys

2023 GR Toyota Corolla Morizo, 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

2023 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition

Consumer Guide Automotive The “hot-hatch” segment, for a longtime defined by Volkswagen’s enthusiast-beloved Golf GTI, is inarguably shrinking, in sales volume and in number of models offered. In fact, the whole small, sporty-car thing is in serious decline. Sadly, buyer attitudes have changed, and shoppers—especially young shoppers—seem to value utility over fun these days. I curse their pragmatism.

Mercury XM Concept, Woman in back of XM concept, Mercury concept with rumble seats

Mercury XM Concept

Forgotten Concepts, Forgotten Concepts

This is an installment in a series of posts looking back on show cars that we feel deserved a little more attention than they got. If you have a suggestion for a Forgotten Concept topic, please shoot us a line or leave a comment below.

2024 Subaru Impreza RS

2024 Subaru Impreza RS

2022 Los Angeles Auto ShowRevealed today at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, the redesigned 2024 Subaru Impreza is noteworthy for what it gains, and for what it loses. Gone is an available manual transmission, and more significantly a sedan variant. Returning for ’24 is the sporty RS trim level. An RS version of the Impreza was last offered in 2007.

Triumph TR7, The Shape of Things to Come

1975 Triumph TR7

Though I was already reading car magazines in 1975, I have a clearer memory of the TV commercials for the Triumph TR7 than I do the print ads. That said, I recall the print ads, too, and they had a profound impact on my development as a car guy.

Dodge Last Call Cars

Dodge Last Call Cars

The window on the modern muscle-car era continues to close as model-year 2023 will be the final one for the Dodge Challenger and Charger. Parent-company Stellantis recently announced that these vehicles will receive seven special-edition trims to be built over the next 14 months.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R

2022 Volkswagen Golf R in Lapiz Blue Metallic

Consumer Guide Test Drive

2022 Volkswagen Golf R

Class: Sporty/Performance Car

Miles driven: 449

Fuel used: 22.2 gallons

2022 Hyundai Kona N

2022 Hyundai Kona N in Phantom Black

2015 Audi Q52022 Hyundai Kona N

Class: Subcompact Crossover

Miles driven: 243

Fuel Used: 11.0 gallons

2022 Jaguar F-Type P450 Convertible

2022 Jaguar F-Type P450 Convertible in Caldera Red

Quick Spin

2022 Jaguar F-Type P450 RWD Convertible

Class: Premium Sporty/Performance Car

Miles Driven: 167

Fuel Used: 9.2 gallons

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

By Paul Herrold

Unless you’re used to being catapulted off the deck of an aircraft carrier in a fighter jet, or strapped into the seat of a Top Fuel Funny Car at the NHRA Nationals, there are few experiences that will prepare you for a 0-60 mph launch in the new Tesla Model S Plaid edition. With a recorded 1.99-second to 60 mph run on the books, you’ll be shoved back into your seat so hard that you might find it hard to breathe; the acceleration forces on your body are—quite literally—breathtaking.  If you ever have a chance to drive or just ride in one of these… do it, it is thoroughly impressive.