About The Daily Drive

In the spring of 2012, Consumer Guide Automotive (CGA) launched The Daily Drive to inform and entertain American drivers. The Daily Drive offers news, commentary, photos, and videos on the hot topics of the day.

Consumer Guide LogoThe Daily Drive is a companion website to Consumer Guide Automotive. All of the Daily Drive’s contributors are longtime staff members of CGA. Read their bios on Our Automotive Staff.

Since 1967, Consumer Guide has been one of the most respected car-review companies in America. Car shoppers who used to buy millions of their periodicals now turn to the Consumer Guide Automotive website, which welcomes some 2 million visitors per month.

CGA’s highly experienced auto editors test drive and evaluate virtually every new car, SUV, minivan, van, and light truck sold in the United States. Their reviews, as well as pricing and other vehicle-related articles, can be found on the Consumer Guide Automotive website: ConsumerGuide.com.