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Episode: 226

Broadcast date: June 24, 2024

Guest: Ed Piotrowski

Dealer Hacking Nightmare,

New Camry, Off-Roading in Luxury


Jill and Tom are both in studio today. The hosts began the program discussing the week’s big news, a malicious attack on the network of CDK Global, a dealership-services company which provides critical software support for roughly half of the nation’s 30,000 new-car dealers. Down since last week, CDK has not, as of this recording, made public an estimated restoration time/date for the network.


Jill shared her impressions of the new-for-2025 Toyota Camry. The nation’s best-selling sedan features a number of surprises, including an all-hybrid powertrain lineup.


Still in the first segment, Jill and Tom discussed a potential consumer worry point: COVID Cars. Cars which were built during the auto-industry COVID slowdown were often assembled minus key features, this to maintain production during the epidemic-related microchip shortage. Some of those cars are now returning to market, and may be missing certain equipment–which may affect value and desirability. How can consumers protect themselves? Listen in.


In the second segment Jill and Tom are joined by freelance auto journalist and industry expert Ed Piotrowski. Ed spent some time behind wheel recently of some very-expensive, but surprisingly capable, luxury crossovers and SUVs. Listen in to get Ed’s take on the vehicles, and the expanding movement to offer off-road-ready variants of popular midsize crossovers.


Ed joined Jill for this week’s “More Fake Trim Levels” quiz. Both contestants did well, but only one won.

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