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Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast, 2020 Best Buys

Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast

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Tesla Cybertruck, Cybertruck Design

Does Tesla’s Cybertruck (bottom) echo the designs of the Delorean DMC-12 (top left) and/or the largely forgotten ARK II truck?

We’ve seen this truck someplace before…

Riding the coattails of the media buzz following the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show press days, electric-car manufacturer Tesla hosted an invitation-only reveal event last night for its forthcoming electric pickup: the Cybertruck.

2011 Tesla Roadster

2011 Tesla Roadster

Introduced in 2012, the Tesla Model S was the first vehicle that Tesla, Inc. designed, manufactured, and sold on its own. Though the electric-car maker didn’t make good on its promises that the Model S would cost around $40,000 and travel 300 miles on a single charge, it did produce a large, stylish, and surprisingly fast luxury sedan that met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from both the press and the public.

Dancing on Tesla’s Grave

Why are so many members of the automotive media rooting for Tesla to fail?

“They’ve never turned a profit.”

This phrase has become the official battle cry of Tesla detractors nationwide. Industry pundits with an anti-Tesla axe to grind—and there are many–wield this sentence with the fervor of a sandwich-board prognosticator warning that the end is near.

1991 Ford Explorer

1991 Ford Explorer

What makes a vehicle important? Sales, obviously, play a big factor. Any car or truck that sells well can be considered important. And, as it turns out, all of the vehicles on this list did well in the showroom.

Twitter Hashtag, #uglycar, #Ugly

Only on Twitter could the BMW 507 be branded as ugly.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so we’ve been told. Odds are that a parent or guardian first presented this tired adage to us, likely on the occasion of our honest appraisal of an unwanted Christmas sweater, hand-me-down bike, or nerdy cousin.

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

During a press conference on June 26, 2013, at—quite appropriately—the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Tesla announced the opening of its ninth Supercharger station. Located along I-55 in Bloomington, Illinois, it’s the first one not situated on the east or west coast. The majority are in Tesla’s home state of California, with the others in Connecticut and Delaware.


The Toyota RAV4 EV is assembled with help from Tesla.

Toyota is promoting the new all-electric version of its RAV4 compact SUV as a zero-emissions vehicle. It’s not. Because during a recent press preview, our test example would occasionally emit wispy clouds of sweet-smelling smoke.

Tesla Model S Signature

A Signature Performance version of the Tesla Model S

It was more than three years ago that electric-vehicle-maker Tesla unveiled prototypes of its Model S midsize hatchback sedan, claiming a 0-60-mph time of less than six seconds and a battery range of up to 300 miles. At the time, many considered it little more than an over-hyped automotive pipe dream.