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Lincoln Town Car Touring Sedan

1998 Lincoln Town Car Touring Sedan

Cheap Wheels

Note: The following story was excerpted from the February 2021 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine.

For decades, the prototypical American luxury automobile was a full-size sedan often utilizing body-on-frame construction. Cadillac’s last of the type was the 1996 Fleetwood. Lincoln stuck with the recipe and offered Town Cars through 2011. For a while, 1998-2002 to be exact, one of them was the warmed-up Touring Sedan.

1994 Buick Regal GS

1994 Buick Regal GS

Note: The following story was excerpted from the December 2020 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine.

Some of the hottest cars out of Detroit in 1987 were Buick Regals. The Grand National and limited-production GNX were seriously fast and commanded respect on the street and at the strip. It was also the end of an era, because a new front-wheel-drive Regal was being readied for 1988 and turbocharged muscle was not part of its equation. The sportiest new Regal was the Gran Sport coupe, and its 1992-96 iteration can make for some fun cheap wheels.

Car Buying Goes Digital

Are online research and digital transactions threatening traditional auto dealerships?

By Jim Flammang

Especially during the pandemic, the whole world seems to have turned digital. Cash is disappearing as a method of payment. So are presentations of traditional plastic credit cards, as customers use their phones to access payment apps. Writing checks each month? They already sound old-fashioned in this age of online everything.


Chip Shortage, Used Car Prices

In June of 2017, my wife and I purchased a 2014 Nissan Juke for our teenage daughter. While this may sound like an extravagant present, it wasn’t really a gift at all. Truth be known, my kid wanted no part of driving, but my wife and I wanted no part of chauffeuring her to 6:00 AM water-polo practice five mornings a week. The car has served us well, and is now with our youngster at a college about 200 miles from our suburban Chicago home.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

1990 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

Cheap Wheels

Note: The following story was excerpted from the October 2020 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine.

The word “cheap” usually isn’t associated with the Mercedes-Benz SL. But we think the unexpected can make great cheap wheels, so let’s take a look at the 1990-1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SL and 1994-1998 SL500—all of which are unexpectedly affordable these days, even in very good condition.


Carvana vs Vroom

By Jim Flammang

Judging by the promotional efforts of online “software platforms,” potential customers are eager to abandon traditional car dealerships and make their next vehicle purchase digitally. Instead of facing potentially pushy salespeople, younger shoppers in particular appear inclined to dash through the buying process hurriedly, using fingertips on a touchscreen.


Credit Score

By Jim Flammang

Paying cash for your next car? Don’t laugh. Quite a few families and individuals do, shunning the entire financing process. In fact, the number of shoppers who finance their vehicle has been declining.


Should I Buy A Car From CarMax?

By Jim Flammang

From a distance, a CarMax used-car store might not look much different from a traditional dealership. Most likely, its sales lot and showroom are positioned within a string of competitive auto retailers that operate much like their predecessors, half a century ago.

Test Drive Checklist

Test driving a new vehicle can be exciting, but be sure you stay focused and carefully examine all aspects of your potential purchase. This test drive checklist will help.

At Consumer Guide, our editors test hundreds of new vehicles every year. We evaluate them in a wide variety of conditions: daily commuting in the city, highway road trips, performance testing, and ferrying kids and family members, to name a few. In short, we strive to use each vehicle the way an owner would.

What is the Doc Fee?

You’ve probably been asked to pay it, but do you know what the doc fee covers?

One challenge new-car customers face is determining the veracity of certain fees and charges that may be added to the price of the vehicle being purchased.