Electric Vehicles Need Special Tires
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Episode: 215

Broadcast date: April 15, 2024

Guest: David Zanig, Brad Heim

Off-Road in the Toyota Tacoma,

GM is Moving,

Why Electric Vehicles Need Special Tires


Brendan Appel of the Sons of Speed sits in for Jill this week. The hosts covered a number of topics in the first segment, including the news that General Motors will be moving out of the Renaissance Center—which it has occupied since 1996—for a new building in Downtown Detroit. Brendan and Tom also discussed the origin of Alfa Romeo’s Verde Montreal color, which turns out to be an homage to an historic brand offering.


Still in the first segment, Tom lamented the challenge of dealing with “inherited music,” a song which starts from the middle when the car is started. Brendan will restart a song if it is worthy, while Tom, as it turns out, always advances to the next song.


Brendan went on to share his impressions of the new-for-2024 Toyota Tacoma, noting that even lower trim-level versions of Toyota’s midsize pickup perform well in off-road driving. Brendan discussed the finer points of the redesign, including the move to a coil-spring rear suspension, and small turbocharged engines.


In the second segment Brendan and Tom talk to the folks at Goodyear about electric-vehicle tires. Joining the crew are David Zanig, Goodyear’s Senior Director of Tire Technology, and Brad Heim, Vice President for Product Development. Listen in to learn why EV tires are different from those found on conventional vehicles.


In the last segment Brendan is subjected to Tom’s “Which Sold Better” quiz. Brendan wrapped up the show discussing dash-cam use, and the terrible driving he witnessed on a recent road trip.


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Electric vehicles need special tires

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Electric vehicles need special tires


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