Goodbye Nissan Titan
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Episode: 179

Broadcast date: August 14, 2023

Guest: Tim Esterdahl


Goodbye Nissan Titan, Hello Hyundai Santa Fe, Accessorizing a Pickup Truck


This week Tim Esterdahl of Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk guest hosts for Tom who is still under the weather. Jill and Tim open the show by discussing the demise of the Titan, Nissan’s ill-fated and slow-selling large pickup truck. The conversation extended to the likelihood of Toyota bringing a small pickup truck to the U.S. to compete with Ford’s popular Maverick. Jill shared her thoughts on the radically redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe, which is due to arrive in showrooms next year.


In the second segment Tim talked about his recent experiences modifying his own pickup. Tim has made a number of updates to his truck, most of which he installed himself.


In the third segment Tim is subjected to Jill’s light-duty-truck quiz.

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