All about the Toyota Crown Signia
All about the Toyota Crown Signia

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Episode: 228

Broadcast date: July 8, 2024

Guest: Thomas Sondej

EV Sales Improve, All about the Toyota Crown Signia, Driving the Lexus UX

Jill and Tom opened the episode discussing the “Velocity Package” available for the Cadillac Lyriq. Available as an over-the-air software update (no dealer visit required), the package increases power and performance for $1200. Is it worth the money? Listen in.


The hosts discussed the new, lower, price of a Fisker Ocean—just approved by a bankruptcy court. Second-quarter sales figures are coming in, and Jill and Tom shared a few highlights, including disappointing Jeep numbers, and surprisingly strong EV figures.


In the second segment Jill and Tom welcome Toyota Product-Education Specialist Thomas Sondej to the show. Thomas updated the crew on the all-new Toyota Crown Signia, a wagon-like variant of the Crown sedan being added to the brand lineup for 2025. Per Thomas, the Crown Signia is due in showrooms shortly.


In the third segment Jill is subjected to Tom’s “Which Weighs More?” quiz. The Hosts wrapped up the show chatting about Jill’s seat time in the freshened-for-2025 Lexus UX, the most-affordable vehicle in the luxury brand’s lineup.


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All about the Toyota Crown Signia

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