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Collectible Automobile publisher Frank Peiler picks his five favorite taillights of the early Fifties. Check out his list:

By Frank Peiler

In the early Fifties, auto designers didn’t always seem to put much thought into the back ends of the cars they were creating. The rear of the car often felt like an afterthought–just a place for a trunk and a couple of brake lights, and not much in the way of style.

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That said, there were a few exceptions. Collected here are five of my favorite taillight designs. In each case, I am most impressed by how well integrated the lens is into the bodywork, and how the taillights enhance the overall design of the car.  Note also that all of these taillights offer an added measure of safety, as they can be seen from the side.

If your favorite early-Fifties taillights aren’t seen below, please tell us what car they’re on. If we get enough responses, we can put together a Readers’ Choice favorite taillights post.

Great car grilles


1951 Frazer

1951 Frazer Taillights
1951 Frazer taillights


1952-1953 Kaiser

1952 Kaiser Taillights
1952 Kaiser taillights


1952-1954 Lincoln

1952 Lincoln Taillights
1952 Lincoln taillights


1954 Cadillac

1954 Cadillac Taillights
1954 Cadillac taillights


1954 Mercury

1954 Cadillac Taillights
1954 Mercury taillights

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