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Episode: 169

Broadcast date: June 5, 2023

Guest: Brant Combs


2023 Honda Accord Review, Marketing the Ram REV Electric Pickup


Jill and Tom opened the show discussing home remedies their parents and grand parents believed in. The hosts agreed that saltines and 7-Up were understood to cure almost anything. Tom noted that his dad was a firm believer in the curative power of Jägermeister. (Jill is under the weather, hence the remedy chat.)

The discussion finally turned automotive, and Jill shared her thoughts on the heavily updated Honda Accord, with which she is very impressed. The new Accord features a trimmed down lineup, but more hybrid models. Jill and Tom also discussed the new Dodge Hornet compact crossover, which Jill seems to like a little more than Tom, though both agree the newest Dodge is fun to drive.

In the second segment Jill and Tom welcome Brant Combs, Ram head of marketing, to the podcast. Brant discussed the Ram Revolution electric pickup-truck concept, which was first seen at CES in January, and the production RAM REV electric pickup. Brant talked about the RAM REV’s role in the expanding EV market place, and hinted at exciting powertrain news to come.

Jill was subjected to Tom’s “1995 or 2000” quiz, after which Jill finally shared her impressions of the all-new, three-row, Toyota Grand Highlander midsize crossover.


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