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Episode: 185

Broadcast date: September 25, 2023

Guest: Robert Colangelo

Jeep News, Kia EV9 Review, and the Folly of Ethanol


Jill and Tom opened the showing quickly covering a number of topics including the demise of the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 engine, the addition of a lower-priced base model to the Jeep Wagoneer lineup, and Tom’s love/hate relationship with the newly updated 2024 Volkswagen Atlas midsize crossover. Jill reviewed the all-new Kia EV9 all-electric 3-row crossover, about which she has much good to share.


Also, Tom is being shocked (actual electric shock) by accidentally touching McDonald’s employees at the drive-thru. Strange?


The hosts are joined in the second segment by Green Sense Show host Robert Colangelo. Jill, Tom, and Robert discussed the strange sociopolitical forces at work keeping ethanol in America’s gasoline. The discussion covered the benefits of ethanol, and the many drawbacks, including compromised food security. Robert also briefly discussed a future Green Sense podcast dealing with early climate-change research which went unreported by petroleum producers.


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