Testing EV-Vehicle Tires
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Episode: 152

Broadcast date: February 13, 2023

Guest: TJ Campbell

Hyundai EV Subscriptions, Testing EV-Vehicle Tires

Jill and Tom open the show by discussing Jill’s plans to return to the Rebelle Rally for the 2023 running of the event. The conversation turned to a brief recap of the Chicago Auto Show, and a breakdown of Hyundai’s new Evolve+ electric-vehicle subscription service, which allows consumers to live with an EV for a few months before committing a purchase or lease. Jill and Tom are joined in the second segment by Tire Rack Tire Information & Testing Manager TJ Campbell. TJ updated everyone on the Tire Rack’s EV-tire testing program, as well as the online retailer’s new mobile-installation service.

Jill takes Tom’s luxury-car color quiz, and the cohosts wrap up the show talking about the newest posts at Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk, and the Consumer Guide Daily Drive blog.

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