2013 Infiniti JX

Acceleration: Never felt underpowered to me. It was often hard to tell it was a CVT. Around-town “kickdowns” were quick.

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Ride Quality: Tester had 20s, and felt compliant and composed. On a 10-polint scale I wouldn’t argue with a 7.

Steering/Handling: Steering felt a bit sloppy, but nothing unusual for a midsize SUV. Turning circle seemed unusually tight for a vehicle this size.

Quietness: Noticed a squeak in the dash area and an occasional, non-rhythmic thudding sound from the back while stopped in traffic. Fuel pump, maybe? Otherwise, quiet.

Controls: Nowhere near as bad as most competitors, but not as good as some other Infinitis, which would prompt me to soften our acclaim somewhat. Easiest controls to use are the nav, which I used the least. Next easiest are climate, which are more or less clumped together at the top of the center stack, and finally audio—which I use the most—buried low and vertical, where they’re hard to see.

Room/Comfort (front): Visibility fine to front corners, okay over shoulder, horrible to rear corners and straight back if headrests are up. The 3rd-row ones pivot forward, out of the way, but 2nd-row ones either have to be removed or else the seatback needs to be folded down.

Room/Comfort (rear): My head brushed against the headliner in 3rd row (I’m 5-foot-9), and legroom was sufficient only if the 2nd-row seat was moved forward. So yes, mostly for kids or small adults. But relatively easy to get back there, since the 2nd row slides forward.

Cargo Capacity: With seats folded, load floor is flat but not quite level. The 2nd row won’t fold flat unless headrests are removed or front seat is far forward. Seats easy to fold. Cabin storage just okay: big glovebox, two-tiered console box, small bin ahead of two cupholders, tiny map pockets.

Details: Oddly, dash top is hard plastic (and I noticed a squeak coming from there), but everything else is very nicely executed.

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