Snow-covered Trofeo, Snow-Bound Vehicle
1. Can you identify this snow-bound coupe? One clue: Hamtramck.

Several days after what Chicago weathercasters have dubbed the fifth- or sixth-worst snowstorm in city history, the Consumer Guide® staff has made note of a surprising number of vehicles still buried under hardening layers of the white stuff.

One wonders why some of these folks own cars at all, seeing as they still haven’t seen the need to free their rides from the icy grip of accumulated frozen precipitation. It occurred to us that, in their current state of distress, these cars and trucks are fairly difficult to identify. The question then is…can you identify them? Some of these are pretty easy, a couple are a little tougher.

There’s one “gimme” here–the rest require a little squinting. Be sure to tell us how you did. 

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Snow-bound CR-V
2. This is the “gimme.” 


Snow-bound Mercury
3. The rear wheel center cap might be some help.


Snow-covered Jimmy
4. The snow plow didn’t do this guy any favors.


Snow-covered Trans Am
5. This one should count for 2 points.

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1. Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo

2. Honda CR-V

3. Mercury Grand Marquis

4. GMC Jimmy

5. Pontiac Firebird

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