Compact espresso coffee maker in the Fiat 500L, In-Car Coffee Maker
The Fiat 500L is considerably larger than the Fiat 500 (the one Fiat that is currently sold in the U.S.). The 500L has 4 doors and is hospitable to rear-seat passengers. That’s good, because they are the only ones, it seems, who could handle the coffee chores without pulling a shoulder muscle or scalding their thighs.

I must admit, I need my coffee in the morning. After I get up, I head straight to my coffee maker in the kitchen and start brewing. In case I’m running late or just crave one cup, I have a Tassimo single-serve maker and a few varieties of pods on the counter, too. In-Car Coffee Maker.

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Now, in the new Fiat 500L that has just been introduced in Italy (it’s coming to the U.S. in 2013), the coffee maker is actually in the car. Well, don’t think there’s a big Mr. Coffee on the dashboard or something. The 500L is available with a compact espresso maker that uses Italian coffee company Lavazza’s “A Modo Mio” (“My Way”) pod system.

Fiat 500L espresso mugs, In-Car Coffee Maker
We assume that these travel mugs come with the espresso maker.

According to Fiat, this is an “absolutely new product on the automotive scene.” The company claims that the 500L is the first standard production car to offer an authentic espresso machine integrated into the passenger compartment.

This is one of those ideas that sounds completely insane and absolutely wonderful at the same time. I really like the idea of being able to make coffee in the car, but I’m having a difficult time picturing how it would work.

Fiat’s photos show a small espresso maker located at the rear of the center console. The unit must be powered through its base since Fiat says it is cordless. How you load the brewer with water and the coffee pod is not clear. Also unknown is how you dispense the coffee while on the go.

Another photo shows what appears to be two small travel mugs that I assume are included with the maker. A 500L “coffee experience” kit that includes a spoon holder, coffee pod holder, and sugar holder will also be offered.

I’d love to know more about how the system works. A quick Google search suggests that Lavazza’s “A Modo Mio” pods aren’t sold in the States, so the coffee maker option might not follow the 500L to our side of the Pond. Coffee lovers can always hope, though. 

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