2012 GMC Yukon

We wiped out the badge, but this GMC SUV is one of two vehicles with a model name that begins with Y. Can you name it?

Car names! To most of us it’s a mystery where model names come from, but over time we see patterns emerge. The following five questions deal with a few naming conventions (model names, past and present) that have stood the test of time. No helpful multiple-choice responses this week. Good luck!

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Model Name Quiz

1. Name three vehicles named after mountains/mountain ranges.

2. Name three vehicles named for the wind.

3. Name three vehicles named for zodiac signs.

4. Name two vehicles with names that begin with Y.

5. Name three vehicles with a II (two) suffix to their name.


Scroll down for the answers.











1. Denali, Rainier, Sierra

2. Bora, Passat, Scirocco (Sirocco)

3. Aries, Scorpio, Taurus

4. Yaris, Yukon

5. Citation II, Fury II, Chevy II

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