2015 Ram Laramie Limited

2015 Ram Laramie Limited

Several years ago, a Ram truck rep told us, “We just can’t find the price ceiling that turns customers away.” Apparently that’s still the case—and it isn’t for lack of trying.

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While figures weren’t divulged, you can bet the new, top-line Ram Laramie Limited introduced at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show is going to significantly raise the price roof over the regular ol’ Laramie, already a pretty dressy pickup. Offered in 1500 Crew Cab and 2500/3500 Mega Cab models with either 2- or 4-wheel drive, the Laramie Limited includes a host of high-end interior and exterior trim features that redefine “luxury,” at least in Ram showrooms.

But the “Limited” transformation consists of more than just a few unique trim pieces; it consists of a whole bunch of unique trim pieces, too many to detail here. So we’ll just hit the highlights.

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2015 Ram Laramie Limited

2015 Ram Laramie Limited

First noticed will be the bold, “RAM” lettered grille, which eschews the company’s normal crosshair theme. Headlights and taillights all feature numerous LEDs, the fronts placed against a dark background. There are special chrome bodyside accents along with body-colored bumpers front and rear that can be replaced by optional chrome ones, and “RAM” is spelled out in huge chrome letters on the tailgate. Finally, 20-inch multi-surface aluminum wheels carry chrome RAM badges.

Inside, some surfaces boast Argento wood panels, and the seats are covered in black Natura Plus leather with Graystone piping. Leather also covers some otherwise “undressed” trim pieces, and the gauges are graphite-faced with chrome trim rings. An added console bin for cell phones and tablets has a sliding wood-faced cover, and the backs of the front seats hold flip-closure pockets with RAM-logo buckles. Finally, 1500 (½-ton) versions ride on an air suspension system. Those models are due this spring as 2015s, with the 2500/3500 versions due in the fall as 2016s.

2015 Ram Laramie Limited Interior

2015 Ram Laramie Limited Interior

CG Says:

As incongruous as it might seem, manufacturers are continuing to pack their full-size pickups with more and more luxury features and trimmings–because these decked-out, tremendously profitable heavy haulers continue to sell. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the sticker price of a fully loaded top-line half-ton pickup truck hit the $70K mark in the near future. Whether the Laramie Limited reaches that stratospheric price point or not, rest assured that this will be one posh pickup.

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