Green Driver Quiz
Are you a “green” driver? Take the quiz and find out.

So, how “green” of a driver are you? I ask this because you might be a subconscious greenie.

Being a green driver need not include driving 50 mph in a 65-mph zone, or shutting off your engine while coasting down hills. Folks aware of the techniques employed by the members of the hypermiling community might assume too quickly that being green means taking extreme measures. It need not.

I contend that earning a green-driver badge indicates that you mean well, that you have taken action to use less gas and pollute less—nothing more.

So, how green are you? Take the quiz below and find out. Award yourself one point for every question to which you answer yes.

Green Driver Quiz
Green Driver Quiz

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1. I keep track of my fuel economy and can tell you what kind of mileage I am getting.

2. I may not be a hypermiler, but I drive with fuel-efficiency in mind.

3. I am careful not to let my car idle.

4. I purchased my current vehicle (at least in part) because it is fuel-efficient.

5. I have purchased replacement parts for my car (tires, air filters) with an eye toward saving gas.

6. Seeing a car idle outside a convenience store or at a gas station makes me cringe.

7. I regularly check my tire pressure.

8. I have discussed fuel economy and gas savings with friends and acquaintances.

9. When getting my car serviced, I have asked (or at least worried about) about how waste fluids are handled.

10. If I could afford it/make it work, I would absolutely buy a Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf.

Bonus Question:

Have you ever seen someone commuting alone in a Ford Excursion or Hummer H2? If yes, give yourself an extra point if writing the driver of that vehicle a tersely worded email felt like a good idea.


Not Green 1-3 points. You’re not a green driver. That’s fine, but don’t expect a holiday card from Ed Begley, Jr.

Almost Green 4-5 points. You’re almost green. You, like most Americans, are distracted by daily life and likely a little too busy too worry actively about saving gas. That said, you’re doing something, and that counts.

Green 6-8 points. Congrats, you’re green! You’re talking measures above and beyond the norm, and that’s commendable.

Extra Green 9+ points. You’re extra green. Odds are you feel strongly about saving gas and polluting less, and our hats are off to you. But heed this caution: Your friends probably don’t want to talk about fuel economy as often or as much as you do.

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