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Is this El Camino waiting for a new coat of paint? We think it’s pretty cool as is.

I have a confession. I like to prowl around behind body and repair shops. I don’t have much time for clandestine poking about these days, but when I do, I still tend to strike gold. Here I present six vehicles of note from a recent mission. All the cars and trucks seen here are parked behind or stashed to the side of shops in Arlington Heights and Palatine, Illinois.

Are these vehicles waiting for service? Maybe they’re project cars owned by shop employees–who’s to say? All I know is there is usually cool stuff parked around auto-repair places.

If you’ve stumbled across anything of note while poking about recently, tell us about it.

Five Interesting Cars From My Neighborhood


Cadillac Deville
It’s difficult to see in this photograph, but this Caddy coupe is sporting a new and rather handsome coat of blue.


El Camino
Another El Camino, this one with a little more ground clearance.


Cadillac Deville
This Caddy is in excellent shape. Maybe the HT4100 head gasket blew…again.


1958 GMC Pickup
This GMC appears to be in running order. It’s a flatbed now, but it would be fun to see it restored with a proper bed.

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