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The person in this crossover should already know what they want. If not, they should PARK AND GO INSIDE.

Hillary Clinton once wrote about it taking a village to raise a kid. Whether or not you’re a Clinton fan, it’s tough to fault her basic premise, that being that there are things outside of your control that will impact your child’s development.


Commuter’s Creed

My commute sucks. It’s not actually a long commute distance-wise, clocking in at 20 to 24 miles depending on how I go. My commute is, however, laced with heavy traffic, lots of merging, and seemingly countless ill-sequenced red lights. On a good morning, I will make the trip in 45 minutes. On a bad day, you can add another half hour to that tally. And, God forbid if it snowed or rained.


Meet the self-parking parking garage.

Are you sick of snaking your car through a multi-layered parking garage, with its tight turns, traffic backups, narrow parking spaces, and no vacancies till the sixth floor? AutoParkiT has come to the rescue. On February 21, the company will unveil a fully automated parking structure in Sherman Oaks, California.

Sultans of Swing, Songs for a Long Drive

Is “Sultans of Swing” the greatest road song?

Ask five car guys, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Still, we asked. Here are best road songs per the members of the Consumer Guide review staff. If your favorite road tune isn’t on this list, be sure and tell us what it is. Also tell us if you still own a copy of that song on cassette or 8-Track–which would be pretty cool.


Vegetarians McDonald’s

I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been meat-free for almost 25 years. I’m not militant about it, and I’m not the kind of vegetarian PETA approves of; I still eat dairy products, and I’m not as active as I should be in ridding my life of leather. I mention all this because, occasionally, I need to visit the drive-through in order to make it to work for an early meeting.

Google Street View

Google Street View car

Google Maps Street View is, undeniably, a very useful tool. Need to find a local business that you’ve never been to before? Check out a picture of the place before you go there so you know what to watch for. Planning a vacation? Scope out the hotel before you get there and make sure it’s as great as the website says it is. Wanna check out the Eiffel Tower in Paris or roam the streets of New York City while on your lunch break? Yep, you can do that too.


Little Girl on Running Board

I turn 50 in a couple years. I am not particularly freaked by the notion of crossing the half-century line, nor has the prospect rendered me especially wistful.

However, I have spent some time contemplating just how long a stretch of time 50 years is. During that period, I was born, learned to read, did some joy riding, met my bride, and had a kid—and there’s a whole bunch more stuff I did between those benchmarks.

Tom Appel

Tom’s got a list of six bad-driving habits that really tick him off.

I am pretty sure that if, as a nation, we could assess and grade the driving skills of all our drivers—and we could subsequently keep folks earning D and F grades off the road during rush hour—our collective commuting times would drop by at least half.

Saturn Relay, Driving to Work, Things I’ve Noticed About Cars and Their Drivers

Seemingly nobody bought Saturn Relay minivans in the mid-2000s, yet Tom keeps seeing them on the road—disguised as taxis.

I haven’t had a eureka moment in the car in years. You’d think that someone with a long commute would occasionally, when deep in thought, stumble upon a perfect solution or a brilliant plan—but not so much. Unless you consider remembering to pick up sriracha and Diet Pepsi brilliant, I’m not getting too much mental business done while in transit.

Traffic Jam, Commuting Stress

Is your commute killing you?

If you have a long commute to and from work, it could be taking a much greater toll on you than you might think.