Fake Car Quiz
Extra credit: Can you name this Isuzu SUV? It’s from model-year 2003, if that helps.

Maybe you’re no good at fill-in-the-blank-type tests. No problem. Here we’re looking for you, the sharp-eyed quiz taker, to find the fakes. Below, you’ll find car brands followed by four corresponding models, one of which is a fake! Take your time and read the names aloud. If the name sounds wonky, it probably is. If you score five correct, you’re some sort of auto savant. Score four and you have earned our respect. Good luck!

Daily Drive Quiz: Find the Fake Car (Part 2)

Note: There are no trick questions here. All “real” models were vehicles available for purchase in the United States.


Fake Car Quiz

Find the fake Chrysler
a. Aspen
b. GTS
c. Pacifica
d. Cyrus

Find the fake Daewoo
a. Daewoo Lanos
b. Daewoo Leganza
c. Daewoo Nautilus
d. Daewoo Nubira

Find the fake Geo
a. Geo City
b. Geo Metro
c. Geo Spectrum
d. Geo Storm

Find the fake Isuzu
a. Isuzu Ascender
b. Isuzu P’up
c. Isuzu VehiCross
d. Isuzu Cross Path

Find the fake Pontiac
a. Pontiac G3
b. Pontiac G5
c. Pontiac Transit GT
d. Pontiac Torrent





Chrysler: d
Daewoo: c
Geo: a
Isuzu: d
Pontiac: c

Extra Credit: 2003 Isuzu Ascender

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