Identify this truck for one bonus point. It’s an ’87, if that helps.

The “Find the Fake Car” quiz is back by popular demand. Like last time, all you need to do is identify the fake model in each lineup. How hard can that be? And like last time, you can earn one bonus point for identifying the vehicle depicted above. Enjoy, and let us know how you scored.

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Note: There are no trick questions here. All “real” models were vehicles available for purchase in the United States.

Find the fake Dodge

a. 200

b. 400

c. Matador

d. Mirada

e. Spirit


Find the fake Edsel

a. Bermuda

b. Citation

c. Pacer

d. Ranger

e. St. Clair


Find the fake Mercury

a. LN7

b. Marquette

c. Medalist

d. Mariner

e. Milan


Find the fake Subaru

a. 9-2X

b. Baja

c. Justy

d. Tribeca

e. XT


Find the fake Toyota

a. Echo

b. Previa

c. Simplex

d. Starlet

e. T-100






Dodge: a

Edsel: e

Mercury: b

Subaru: a

Toyota: c

Bonus: The Mitsubishi-clone Dodge Raider


Mercury 1956 MedalistPhaeton4-DoorHardtop-1

The oft-forgotten 1956-only Mercury Medalist.

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