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Welcome to the first-ever CG Daily Drive “Car Guy Power Quiz.” We’ll be posting one of these from time to time, just for the fun of it. Each Power Quiz will stick to a single theme. If you’ve got an idea for a Power Quiz theme, let us know. We’re always open to good ideas—as well as bad ideas that amuse us. Today’s theme . . .

The 1984 AMC Eagle Limited Wagon Price Power Quiz


Random Engine Stuff

1. Which of the following was not a General Motors 4-cylinder engine?

a) Iron Duke

b) Steel Duke

c) Quad 4

d) Quad OHC


2. Which of the following was not an available Ford F-150 engine displacement in 1991?

a) 4.8 liters

b) 4.9 liters

c) 5.0 liters

d) 5.8 liters


3. Which of the following engine families never appeared in a domestic pickup truck?

a) Magnum

b) Triton

c) Vortec

d) ProTec


4. Which of the following was not an available Dodge Ram 1500 engine displacement in 2005?

a) 3.7 liters

b) 4.7 liters

c) 5.2 liters

d) 5.7 liters


5. Which of the following is not a V6 engine?

a) 3.5 liter Oldsmobile “Shortstar”

b) 3.6 liter Chrysler “Pentastar”

c) 3.7 liter General Motors “Vortec”

d) 3.8 liter General Motors “3800”



Car Guy Trivia



1) b

2) a

3) d

4) c

5) c

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