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Car Ads Featuring Dogs

1955 Ford Thunderbird

There are few topics more divisive these days than politics. The national argument is famously two sided, with seemingly fewer and fewer folks located near the center of the discussion.

2018 Nissan Rogue Dogue Concept

2018 Nissan Rogue Dogue Concept

New York Auto ShowIt appears Nissan is going to the dogs … for advice.

It’s no secret that dog owners are a dedicated bunch; one survey indicated that more than 80 percent of those polled felt that it was just as important for their canine companions to be safe and comfortable in their cars as it was for their human passengers.

To that end, Nissan showed off its Rogue Dogue (get it?) project vehicle at the New York Auto Show.

Center for Pet Safety

Lindsey Wolko’s career as a pet safety advocate began when her dog Maggie was injured by a vehicle safety harness.

Having learned of her concerns regarding a recent CG Daily Drive post regarding dog safety in cars, publisher Tom Appel reached out to Center for Pet Safety founder Lindsey Wolko. Presented here is the interview that resulted from that conversation.

fisherbody_ad_66, Dog Safety

The door is locked and the kid’s belted, but Fluffy could be in for some trouble. The question is, what is the best way to keep a dog safe in a moving vehicle?

Publisher Tom recently sat down to chat with radio personality and noted pet expert Steve Dale, host of “Steve Dale’s Pet World.” The topic of that conversation was automotive dog safety. You can hear that conversation this Sunday (February 15) on WGN radio in Chicago at 6:30 AM CST. Included here are a few of the points discussed.

Loki and Pepper, buckled up in Chris’ Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen, Dogs in Cars, Dogs Riding in Cars

Loki and Pepper, buckled up in Chris’ Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen

In an article for Consumer Guide Auto’s main Website, “Two Dogs Get a New Car,” Yours Truly related how he came to buy a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI SportWagen. We closed with a promise to report on it later. That was nearly two years ago, and only now are we getting back to you. Why? Because there’s been little to report.