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What is a Donk?

2016 Infiniti Q60 Concept GeniusOfGTA Edition, What is a Donk?
2016 Infiniti Q60 Concept GeniusOfGTA Edition

The Urban Dictionary defines a donk as, ” Any late 80’s or early 90’s American car (preferably an Impala) that has large enough wheels installed until it resembles (and rides and handles like) a Conestoga wagon. This is done so it sits up high enough so as to be at the same eye level as the Playas with real juice ridin in their Escalades. Adding in a bad candy paint job and Wal-Mart sub box completes the transformation.”

Caprice Donk

More design and styling fun

Towering over adjacent SUVs, this high-riding—and immaculately executed—Donk I spotted would seemingly prove a challenge to graceful ingress and egress. I spotted it during a recent trip to Arizona. This conversion would not have worked with earlier Caprices sporting the skirted rear fenders.

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Truck Mods, Durango Style

Per Jalopnik, a Donk is, “A donk is any car on ridiculously huge wheels. That’s all it takes to be a donk? Big wheels? Well, donks are usually big, old American cars, and they often have flashy, tongue-in-cheek paint schemes, but yeah, all it takes to be a donk is big wheels

Per anecdotal evidence, Detroit boasts the heaviest concentration of donks.

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What is a Donk?



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