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1991 GMC Sierra 1500

1991 GMC Sierra 1500

Though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment that pickup trucks started becoming luxury cars with cargo beds, 1991 is pretty close to that point. Around that time, rear doors started appearing on extended-cab trucks, and leather upholstery began showing up on options lists.

1991 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Touring Sedan

1991 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Touring Sedan

Here’s a tip for you aspiring auto scribes out there: If you want to see a lot of reader feedback, create a best-looking list.

There’s almost nothing more subjective or arbitrary than an evaluation of something’s aesthetic qualities, and almost nothing more irresistible to readers. With that in mind, I present the 10 best-looking sedans of 1991.

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Found in the Pontiac Grand Prix and two other General Motors cars for 1991, the LQ1 V6 was just one of nine passenger-vehicle V6 engines produced by GM for U.S. consumption that model year.

In 1981, a Federal jury ruled that General Motors would have to pay $550 each to 10,000 owners of 1977 Oldsmobiles. This stiff punishment was levied because the Oldsmobiles in question came not with Oldsmobile engines, but with Chevy powerplants.

At the time, it was largely understood by the non-motoring public that GM’s placement of Chevy V8s in Oldsmobiles was an attempt to defraud buyers by slyly passing along an inferior product.

1991 Firebird GTA, Most Powerful American Cars of 1991

1991 Pontiac Firebird GTA

We’ve looked at The Most-Powerful American Cars of 1980, and The Most-Powerful American Cars of 1986. Here we’ll skip ahead another half decade to 1991. Maybe we should say leap ahead. Compared to our top five 1986 cars, our 1991 most-muscular rides come in at an average 277 horsepower, a solid 58-horse bump. Credit improved fuel-injection systems, and a mighty (and seriously expensive) topline Corvette that shattered the 300-horsepower barrier.

1991 Chevrolet Caprice

1991 Chevrolet Caprice

The era of downsizing was a period of mixed blessings for automakers. Some vehicles were transformed into blockbuster sales successes, and met with enormously positive critical reviews. Other slimmed-down vehicles didn’t fare as well with shoppers or reviewers, however.

Think of the 1977 redesign of Chevrolet’s bread-and-butter Impala and Caprice. An instant success, the big “B-Body” sedans, coupes, and wagons, perfectly balanced size, economy, and price. Now, consider the 1980 update of the Chrysler Cordoba. Following the popular luxury coupe first seen in 1975, the newly slimmed and overtly aerodynamic two-door seemed to eschew the traditionally baroque trappings that made the first-generation car a success, and sales suffered as a result.

A Gallery of Small-Truck Ads

1980 Chevrolet LUV

There was whimsy in those little trucks. Back, say, 30-40 years, small pickups were not only cost-effective light-duty commercial vehicles, they were also compelling commuter alternatives to traditional coupes and sedans.

25 Late-Model Collectible Cars

1985 Buick Riviera Convertible

While styling, performance, and rarity have been the traditional tickets to collectibility, vehicles that offer features—styling or otherwise—that are monuments to their era or simply aren’t likely to reappear also have a shot. It’s why we believe cars of the Fifties are so treasured today; their chrome, tall fins, and sheer mass so perfectly characterized the jet-aged optimism of the time, and it’s almost certain their likes will ever be seen again.

Classic Ads Featuring the Backs of Cars

1991 Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo

What would be the the automotive equivalent of a leg man? I’m guessing it’s a wheel-and-tire guy. But whether or not your type is brunettes or redheads, you have to admit it’s always fun to admire the things we love from a new perspective.

1956 Studebaker, Classic Wagon Ads

1956 Studebaker

We have shared classic wagon advertisements before, but the bounty of great ads out there has compelled us to revisit the subject.

Ford Explorer ST Review

2020 Ford Explorer ST in Atlas Blue Metallic

2020 Ford Explorer ST2015 Audi Q5

Class: Midsize Crossover SUV

Miles driven: 488

Fuel used: 15.8 gallons