Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo:
Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo

By Sue Mead

The day was magical. Blue-bird sky above. Snow-capped peaks atop of 12,000-foot mountains in the distance that were a stunning contrast to the red-rock canyons and golden sand dunes that I was traveling through.

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Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo

The tour and my vehicle came as part of an adventure produced by Ford called the Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo. Experienced off-road guides led a group of media representatives in a collection of the maker’s popular Bronco Sport small crossovers along off-road tracks in the Dome Plateau section of trails in Moab, Utah.

Moab, Utah is one of my favorite locales in the country; it’s a true 4WD mecca that attracts hundreds of thousands of off-road driving-enthusiast visitors to each year.

Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo
Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo

I have visited Moab many times to enjoy varied and exciting four-wheeling opportunities. So, when the invite came to try out the Bronco Sport, and join in some day-long, open-air classroom fun, I jumped at the opportunity. I had driven this ‘Baby Bronco’ earlier, but wanted to assess the Ford program comes as part of a partnership with the Red Cliffs Lodge a hotel and adventure-travel outfitter. This same adventure is available to owners of the Bronco Sport, and its an experience worth knowing about.

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Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah

Ford hit a home run with the Bronco Off-Roadeo off-roading and outdoor adventure experience. The program is designed for off-road drivers of all skill levels, and acquaints owners the capability of their vehicles. Participants learn about Ford’s exciting history, connect with other owners, and learn more about the “Bronco lifestyle.”

The program is available to Bronco Sport owners and is complimentary with a 2023 Bronco Sport; a 2021 Bronco Sport First Edition, or a 2021 or 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands.

We drove examples of the most-off-road-ready Bronco Sport, the Badlands Edition. The Badlands Bronco Sports include a number of chassis upgrades designed to enhance the little trucks off-road capability, including a G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) driving mode, a front-facing camera that engages in off-road mode to see the trail ahead, and a locking rear differential.

The staff of the Off-Roadeo provide guidance and navigation for the varied terrain, as well as sharing the principals of Tread Lightly! and Ford’s Wild Fund, both of which are designed to help keep trails open and preserve the backcountry.

“The Bronco Sport program is a one-day session that runs approximately eight hours and includes lunch on the trail and an evening dinner at the Off-Roadeo headquarters,” explained Brian Harris, lead trail guide for the Moab program, who is a professional off-road driving instructor. “The day consists of approximately 35 miles of trails, depending on the weather and the group size. We use a Bronco Sport route that provides an opportunity for guests learn about the talents of their vehicle, including G.O.A.T. mode, while we travel over a variety of terrain–mostly dry creeks, with some small, rocky ledges and rock climb.

“Although much of the day is motored at slower-speeds, there are fun sandy two-track sections where drivers get the opportunity to travel at a slightly higher rate of speed and experience the dynamic suspension in the Bronco Sport. The final part of the day is more similar to an overlanding route that ends at the back side of one of the most famous views in the country—the iconic Delicate and Windows Arches of Arches National Park. In addition, there are mule, deer, antelope, rabbits, coyote, and chipmunk, and a delightful mixture of high desert wildflowers along the trails,” said Harris.

“The magical moment I see is for people who buy the Bronco Sport and might be a newbie, or have some degree of confidence in their driving, but not know how off-road worthy it (the truck) is. When we finish the day at the arch overlook, a view that is only available to those with a 4WD vehicle, they get to realize that they can do similar things–it unlocks the potential that the Bronco Sport has, and gives them confidence, knowing they have the safety to do their own adventures.”

“Bronco is more than a vehicle, it’s an outdoor brand, and the Bronco Off-Roadeo will help bring it to life,” said Lindsey Laporte, Bronco Experiences Manager. “It’s an immersive experience, and Bronco owners will come away with a greater level of off-road skills and a more thorough understanding of Bronco capability, all while being introduced to the Bronco Nation community.”

The Bronco/Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Program: Available for individuals, couples and families. Children ages 12 and up are welcome. Drivers beginning at age 18. Click here.

 Bronco Wild Fund: Ford’s initiative to help preserve and sustain backcountry landscapes. Click here.

Red Cliffs Lodge: Located at the foot of towering red-stone cliffs on the mighty Colorado River, the Lodge has been rated the number one place to stay in Moab by Trip Advisor 10+ years running. With its Old West charm and rustic beauty, you might think you’ve stepped onto the set of a John Wayne movie–as it has served as the backdrop for dozens of classic Westerns, and it remains an operating ranch with cattle and horses. The lodge also offers horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and stunning views of some of America’s most distinctive landscapes. Click here.

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Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo:
Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo

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